Our Vision

Mobile Makers is a research consortium composed of academics, industry and cultural institutions focused on the future of digital design and fabrication. Mobile Makers has a unique approach to discovering and sharing specialist knowledge and creative practices around the country – we want to create a mobile digital fabrication laboratory.

Mobile Makers aims to experiment with innovative digital design and manufacturing processes, engaging especially with the Small-to-Medium Enterprise sector and craft-based designers and producers.

Through this experimentation, Mobile Makers will encourage entrepreneurship and industry-linkages across a network of practitioners holding local know-how which is currently distributed tacitly around regional as well as metropolitan Australia.

Mobile Makers research converges in four themes: Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Participatory Curatorship; Future Heritage & Materialised Narratives. Each theme is led by highly respected researchers with track records in these areas.

To make this all happen, the Centre for Creative & Cultural Research at the University of Canberra is seeking funding  to establish the first travelling creative digital research laboratory in Australia.  We aim to consolidate the extraordinary expertise, talent and experience within our  13 researchers from 9 organisations, and 10 members of STEM & STEAM reference groups to support the establishment and long term development of this innovative research.